Commercial Flooring Installation FAQs

  1. Why should I hire a professional for my commercial flooring installation?

    Hiring a professional to install your commercial flooring ensures that proper equipment, materials, and techniques are used. While a project may seem simple, it is often more complicated. Moving furniture, removing old floors, and transporting new flooring materials require heavy equipment that you may not have. Not to mention, proper installation is closely tied to industry knowledge and know-how. This is what allows for proper adhesive and enduring installations. When you hire a professional, we have everything we need to deliver: high-quality materials, proper equipment, and experienced team members.

  2. If I hire Element for new commercial flooring, will they handle the cleanup and disposal of the old flooring?

    You bet! Our team uses a floor removal system that is quick, cost-effective, and thorough. We can remove carpet, VCT, sheet vinyl, wood, and rubber with ease, and the whole process saves time. In fact, our state-of-the-art system has proven it can outperform many of the other machines commonly used for this job.

  3. How long do commercial flooring installations typically take?

    The time frame will vary on the project size and communication. Please get in touch to discuss the specifics of your project – our team would be happy to help!  

  4. Am I responsible for moving furniture and prepping the space?

    We’re happy to help move and store your furniture during the commercial flooring installation. We partner with a professional moving company to offer these services. For modular components, we use a special device called an ‘Office Lift’ to safely clear the area, but we can also move office furniture, shelves, and more.

  5. Do you offer storage for furniture and items moved during the installation process?

    If the project timeline shifts or you experience project delays in your commercial flooring installation, we offer material storage in our heated and secure climate-controlled Denver warehouse.

  6. If I find a mistake and ask the Element team to come back and fix it, will there be an additional cost?

    Because we want to deliver the absolute best service to our clients, we only use installation methods that comply with manufacturer warranty requirements and offer a one-year warranty on workmanship. Manufacturing defects are very rare, but we are happy to act as a liaison to the mill to make the warranty process as painless as possible, should anything go wrong.

  7. What is your process to get a commercial flooring installation quote?

    You can request a quote on our website or you can give us a call. For commercial flooring installations in the Denver metropolitan and Front Range areas, we provide complete job cost estimating and management. We’ll take your budget and project schedule in mind and recommend the best materials, and services for your project. If you decide to partner with us, our project manager will take care of everything, included project timeline, scheduling, and installation.

  8. What is the difference between a commercial flooring contractor and a carpet store?

    Carpet stores are typically geared toward residential products. Sure, many flooring stores sell commercial goods, but most are lacking the expertise when it comes to installation. An experienced flooring contractor, however, will know how to address and prevent issues that arise from various forms of commercial construction. From mitigating high moisture issues in the subfloor to working within project specifications for specific use spaces, a high degree of knowledge is required to ensure a quality commercial flooring installation.